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GeM Exclusive

The GeM is marketplace based public procurement portal with following the exclusive offering making it unique and superior portal than its peers.

Category and catalogue based procurement portal
Wide varities of procurement modes, DP, L1, PBP, Bid/RA
Automated rule based system driven enforcement of MSE and MII provisions.
Unique Bid representation module where a sellers can raise representation against a bid available in public domain.
Unique challenge rejection window for bidders: All disqualified bidders get right to challenge their bid rejection. Buyer cannot proceed further without replying to the challenge It is increasing transparency.
Advance analytics for the decision support system and fraud and anomaly detection.
Furthermore the process of procurement is faceless and transparent in which sellers identity is not reviled till opening of L1.
The process of registration and product/service offering on GeM is complete online and free.
The GeM provides opportunity to MSEs, startup and women entrepreneurs to get register on GeM and participate in bids and get preferences as per procurement policies as applicable and enforceable.

Startup Runway 2.0

Startup Runway 2.0 is an opportunity for Startups to showcase their innovative products and services to Government buyers and engage in public procurement. GeM has created a dedicated marketplace category for all Startups to list their proucts and services, irrespective of their DPIIT-certification. Startups can list multiple products and services with minimal technical specifications and sell their products to Govt buyers under 13 globally recognized Startup sub-sectors, namely; Advanced Manufacturing and Robotics, Advertising [AdTech], Agriculture [AgTech and New Foods], Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Analytics, Augmented/ Virtual Reality, Blockchain, Clean Tech/ Renewables, Consumer Home Electronics [+Wearables, Smart Devices], Cybersecurity, Education Tech [EdTech], Fintech, Health and Life Sciences and WaterTech.

The platform offers Startups all the marketplace functionalities that are available to regular sellers and the objective is to spur “MAKE IN INDIA” procurement from India Startups. Till date, 15665 Startups have registered on GeM and have processed orders worth 9512.07 Cr in Gross Merchandise Value.

MSME SC/ST entrepreneurs on GeM

GeM is collaborating with various stakeholders from the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises [MSME] ecosystem with special focus on entrepreneurs from the Scheduled Caste/ Schedule Tribes [SC/ ST]. The partnership is based on the objective of achieving the mandatory procurement goal of 25 percent from MSMEs and a sub target procurement of 4 percent goods and services from MSME entrepreneurs within SC/ ST communities, by all government departments and public sector enterprises [PSE]. This initiative seeks to encourage active participation of MSE sector in public procurement.

Till date, nearly 8.16 lakh sellers have registered on GeM and have processed orders worth 152888.19 Cr in Gross Merchandise Value [GMV], of which approximately 68,286 are MSME sellers who have facilitated orders worth 20,263 Cr, in GMV.


“Womaniya” initiative seeks to showcase products made by women entrepreneurs and women self-help groups [WSHGs], and spur Women entrepreneurship by aligning them with opportunities to sell their products to various Government ministries, departments and institutions.

GeM has specially categorized products such as handicrafts and handloom, accessories, jute and coir products, bamboo products, organic foods, spices, home décor and office furnishings for ease-in-procurement. Womaniya aligns with Government’s initiative of reserving 3 percent in public procurement from women MSME entrepreneurs and this offers immense potential for procurement.

The Saras Collection

Presenting” The SARAS Collection” …a pristine handcrafted collection of handicrafts, handloom textiles, office décor, furnishings, accessories, event souvenirs, personal hygiene and care products from top of the line SHGs in India.

Social inclusion is one of the core values at GeM and we are focused on ensuring participation of women entrepreneurs, self-help groups, artisans, weavers and micro entrepreneurs who face challenges in accessing government markets.

We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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